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Service Level Agreement

To effectively operate a fleet services department, it is necessary to understand the customer's needs and concerns.  Has consideration been given to establishing a Service Level Agreement which outlines services provides and the expectations of you and your customer?  A formal business relationship ensures each party is operating on the same understanding to help lessen assumptions. [...]

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What Makes RTA Fleet Management Software Better?

RTA Fleet Management Software works hard to provide intricate, yet easy-to-use, fleet management software for its clients.  In today's market, there are many companies claiming to provide fleet management software.  What makes a fleet management software company stand out?  How do you choose the right fit for your operation?  What makes a better fleet management [...]

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Case Study: How a Fleet Service Garage in Kern County, CA Avoided Impending Bankruptcy

RTA’s recent case study tells the incredible story of how a fleet manager saved his garage from bankruptcy by switching to RTA’s fleet management software. In ten years, Kern County’s Fleet Services Garage transitioned from near-failure to financial stability and success. Subject of the Case Study Fleet Services of Kern County, California provides a variety [...]

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How Fleet Managers Save Fleets Money

  Along with best practices, there are small, operational changes that can exponentially save money for fleets over time with the assistance and use of an efficient and effective fleet software management system. These practices include: Maximizing Warranty Recovery Many fleets miss out on thousands of dollars per year in unclaimed warranties (source). In fact, [...]

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Fleet Management Software Solution

When looking for the right fleet management software, there are important questions to ask each vendor and consider through your own research, to ensure the best program is purchased for your fleet. Is the provider a trusted company with an established track record? This should be easy to discover online. Before contacting a software provider, [...]

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System Value Analysis

Valuable Features a Fleet Management Software Should Encompass Aside from the common core features a majority of fleet management programs share, a valuable fleet management system should include these top features that have an efficient ability to facilitate: Mechanic productivity Mechanic accountability Preventive maintenance scheduling Purchasing Budgeting Warranty recovery, repeat repairs, failure analysis Parts inventory [...]

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Why Attend RTA’s 27th Annual Users’ Conference…In A Nutshell

  It’ll be here before you know it...RTA’s 27th Annual Users’ Conference.  Wow!!! 27th Annual.  That number speaks volumes!  However, it’s not possible without you. Make the Most of Your Training Review the extensive agenda and plan out your course of action.  Look for classes that meet or exceed your requirements and expectations for conference. [...]

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Benefits of Barcoding

Speed and ease of managing the flow of parts inventory is crucial.  Removing the human error element increases proficiency which saves your shop time and money. RTA’s barcoding solutions include robust, full-featured barcode scanners, portable readers and barcode printers to make barcoding in your shop a snap to implement. Take advantage of the barcode capabilities [...]

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Benefits of Continual Training

  Every supervisor should be training his/her employees every day.  This is not only true because people have to be reminded of their responsibilities, but because most training activities should be to change habits as much as it is to improve skills. The changing of bad habits takes time, so it’s imperative to have routing [...]

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Value of RTA’s Fleet University

 Fleet University is the home of free, valuable resources to help make fleet managers and management more productive while running a safer fleet. These materials are based on the best practices that Ron Turley developed while saving UPS nearly $100 million during  his tenure as national director of maintenance in the 1970s. Adjusted for inflation, [...]

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