The Best Training

When you have questions about the RTA Fleet Management Software, who better to turn to than Ron Turley Associates? We developed this software product and we know it better than anyone else.

Highly Qualified Instructors

RTA’s instructors take special care to keep our classes interesting and informative. They’re knowledgeable in fleet operations and must meet our high standards for training excellence before we allow them to train you.

Flexible Locations

We realize each company has different needs and goals. That’s why RTA provides so many different training options. Training classes are offered in Phoenix each month and in regional areas throughout the year. And when you can’t come to us, we can do on-site training or consulting. View a list of our many training options to see which training is right for your company.

Proven Techniques

You’ll get a lot of information in the short amount of time you spend in RTA’s training classes. We combine lecture and discussion, hands-on workshops, and small classes to make sure you get the most out of attending. Our past attendees have raved about the personable instructors, casual and relaxed atmosphere, and informative classes. But don’t take our word for it – come discover for yourself!

Training Calendar

Visit our training calendar to select an upcoming class that’s right for you. You can register for yourself and each of your employees for classes to reserve your spots today. Phoenix and Regional training classes are scheduled through the end of the calendar year. Web-based training is scheduled only a few weeks in advance, so check the calendar often.

Training Options

New System Training

This course is designed for those who have recently purchased
the RTA Fleet Management Software. All of the main features
are explained to help you implement your system quickly. The
numerous hands-on workshops will reinforce what you have
learned. A must-take class to setup your RTA software.

No previous knowledge of the RTA system or computers is
necessary. Familiarity with keyboarding and the Windows
operating system is helpful but not required.

New User Training

This course is designed for new employees whose RTA system
is already implemented. This class focuses on day-to-day operations
and procedures to improve your knowledge and use of the software.
The numerous hands-on workshops will enforce what you have learned.
A must-take class for new employees.

No previous knowledge of the RTA system or computers is necessary.
Familiarity with keyboarding and the Windows operating system is
helpful but not required.

Advanced Training

This course is designed for those who have used the basics
of RTA for years and are ready to take their systems to the
next level. You will learn shortcuts, tips and tricks, and advanced
tracking methods to optimize your data tracking and productivity.

Basic RTA system knowledge is required. You must know
how to add records in the system such as vehicles, parts,
or mechanics. You should also know how to enter work orders
and fueling data into the system.

Reports Analysis

This course focuses on the output of the RTA reports. You
will learn where the numbers come from, how to make them more
accurate and meaningful, and most importantly what they are telling
you about your operation.

Basic understanding of the RTA system is helpful, including
vehicles, work orders, fuel, and parts. Knowledge of how your
company currently inputs data into RTA is a plus.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is the popular reporting tool for relational
databases such as SQL Server or Oracle.The basics of Crystal
are covered in the morning, including linking data tables, table
relationships, and connectivity. Learn how to create and run a procedure,
select fields, and design a report layout. In the afternoon
we’ll cover more complex formulas and filtering the data, along with
special conditional if-then-else statements.

Create advanced sorts and add subtotals while filtering the data
to specify only what you want to see. Build interactive user
prompts for searchable parameters and utilize the helpful
report templates. Numerous hands-on workshops allow you to
practice creating your own reports throughout the seminar.

Regional Training

Regional training is a great way for you to attend an
RTA training class without having to be far from home.
Several times each year, we pack up our computers and take
our training on the road. The training format consists of 3
days of basic RTA topics similar to our New System Training.

No previous knowledge of the RTA system or computers
is necessary. Familiarity with keyboarding and the Windows
operating system is helpful but not required.

Web-Based Training

Web-based training is available for a range of topics. Private
web-based classes are also available upon request.

Training Videos

Recordings of some of our prior web-based training
sessions are available for download. Visit our training
videos page for details.

On-Site Training

On-Site Implementation and Consulting

Not sure how to set up the RTA system?  RTA offers on-site implementation to assist with a company’s system set-up. RTA’s implementation manager assists with set-up to specifically address a company’s needs. Receive valuable training on the powerful features available in RTA that are individually tailored.

Been using RTA for awhile?  Let RTA’s implementation manager evaluate the fleet’s operation and current use of the RTA system to determine how to get the maximum benefit from the RTA Fleet Management program.

On-site training managers offer specialized training for a newly purchased option such as Electronic Fuel Interface, Paperless Shop, or Report Writer or any RTA add-on module.



On-Site Classroom

Need to train a large group of RTA users but aren’t able to send each person to training at the same time?  RTA’s training class can come to you!  That’s right – RTA can provide the same classes which are taught at the corporate office in Phoenix and regionally throughout the country at any client’s facility.  With on-site classroom training,  choose the training format that best suits your company’s need – anytime you need it.   Client’s provide the classroom and RTA will provides the computers and training manuals. What could be more convenient and affordable?  RTA utilizes full-time staff to instruct its end users.

A minimum two day stay is required for all on-site training. Training are dates booked advance and are subject to availability. Be sure to reserve your dates early to get the dates you need. Call RTA today for a no-obligation quote!

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