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RTA Cloud Hosting Solution

Is your IT department spread too thin? Routine maintenance becoming a hassle? Worried about data security? No idea if or when backups are being performed? Can’t get remote access to your data for workers in the field? Program updates not being installed in a timely manner? Sound like you?  Then  we may have the perfect [...]

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Online Training June 2013

June 4 - Advanced Vehicle Tips - $75 In this presentation, we will cover tracking vehicle warranties and vehicle replacement schedules for planning and budgeting. Implement the vehicle status program to allow a real-time availability screen of the equipment, a valuable option for drivers and anyone outside of the shop. Fully utilize class codes to [...]

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Backup Strategies

I would like to briefly address backup strategies with a few points to ponder: If you're not currently backing up the data in your RTA Fleet Management software, you should be. If you're not sure if it is being backed up, find out. If your backups are managed by an IT department, find out when [...]

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ROI of Fleet Management Software – is it Worth the Investment?

As a smart and savvy business owner, you know that an investment is only valuable if it offers you a positive return over time. This is even more critical in a difficult economy, where business owners must make wise decisions that maximize profits and minimize waste. When it comes to the management of large or [...]

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