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Why Fleet Management Software? Watch our New Video.

Did you know that maintaining proper tire pressure of your vehicles can increase gas mileage by 3%? Or that simply keeping the air filters clean and maintained can increase engine efficiency by 10%? The numbers may seem small, but when you multiply them over a large number of vehicles, the savings really add up. Watch [...]

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RTA Fleet selected as World’s Greatest Fleet Management Software

RTA is proud to have been featured on How 2 Media’s popular television series ,“World’s Greatest!...," a thirty-minute show which highlights the greatest companies, products, places and people around the world.  The show takes viewers on a virtual tour of the world's greatest with the help of informative interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. We are excited to [...]

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10 Reasons your Company Needs Fleet Management Software

In any industry that involves fleet management, there are real benefits in utilizing quality fleet management software.  RTA’s software allows you to properly monitor and manage all areas of your business, save thousands on overhead costs, and deliver top quality service to your customers. Here are 10 ways RTA’s Fleet Management Software can help your [...]

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Fleet Safety….What You Should Know

  ( safe fleet is a profitable fleet. Here are some important steps to staying safe, saving money, and making sure your business runs as efficiently as possible. Record Keeping Good record keeping is essential to maintaining and improving fleet safety.  By keeping accurate, up-to-date records of your fleet operations, you can accurately monitor drivers, [...]

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How RTA’s Shop Management System Improves Efficiency

Fleet management efficiency is greatly improved by successfully automating as much of the work process as possible and utilizing the remaining time for priority items. The RTA Shop Management System has features that will greatly improve efficiency in your shop by providing accurate and quality information to your managers and technicians. Here are 4 ways [...]

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4 Ways RTA Tire Tracking Can Work For You

The RTA Tire Tracking System manages the second most expensive fleet management cost. Good tire management can save your company thousands of dollars a year. RTA's Tire Tracking with tire inventory management tracks the tire from purchase to end of use, helping you save money. Here's how: 1.)    RTA’s Tire Inventory Module uses inventory image [...]

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5 Ways RTA’s Paperless Shop Module Works For You

"Going Paperless" boosts productivity, saves space, creates easier, more secure documentation and information sharing, allows access to larger quantities of historical data…and did we mention it’s good for the environment? RTA’s Paperless Shop RTA's Paperless Shop Module benefits your employees from the ground to upper management level. It provides information necessary for your fleets and [...]

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8 Ways Fleet Management Software Can Save You Money

We all want to save money, right? Whether it's streamlining our operating procedures, reducing inefficiencies or boosting productivity, increasing revenues and diminishing waste should be every business owner's bottom line. Here at RTA Fleet, we can help you with that objective. We know that in today's economy especially, business owners and managers must be wise [...]

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