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Eliminating Confusion in Your Shop

As a manager, there are many levels of communication amongst staff to ensure the correct message is being relayed so that confusion is kept to a minimum. But have you ever thought of how and where data is entered and analyzed that this is too could be a concern of confusion for staff? Just How [...]

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Avoiding Asset Breakdowns

Interruptions forcing assets off of the job wreck everyone’s schedule and reduce the revenue the equipment brings in. No matter how things unfold, belts don’t break at random and tires don’t mysteriously blow. Don’t let your fleet end up like this. Ron Turley Associates understands breakdowns are inevitable however, they tend to lend themselves to [...]

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RTA Fleet Management Software Ranks in Top 10

October 5, 2016 | Glendale, AZ – RTA has once again been recognized by Capterra as being one of the country’s Top 20 Fleet Management Software products, ranking number 10 on the list. One of RTA’s core values remains its commitment to excellence.  RTA strives to provide customer with the best possible fleet management solution.  [...]

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Power and Profitability of Communication

“Who is in charge of the staff meeting?”…the Staff Sergeant.   In all seriousness, though, may I ask you a question?  Are your staff meetings simply routine gatherings where instructions are given and then the employee leaves to resume their job without providing input or a conversation having been created?   Or, are the staff meetings [...]

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