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Easier Job Design

 It’s All in the Design….Fleet Management Software Designed with a Specific Purpose in Mind In addition to required record keeping, fleet management software is generally designed with a specific purpose in mind….to streamline operations.  But, what does it really mean to streamline operations?  It sounds good in theory, but let’s take a look at the details…and design. Fleet management software generally addresses the pain points of preventive maintenance scheduling, work order creation, purchasing opportunities, and reporting.  But a true fleet maintenance software solution should offer much more than that, therefore addressing the complex design of the software to meet desired outcomes.  Let’s dive deeper and take a look at those who encounter fleet management software… […]

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RTA Fleet Management Software: The Alternative to Fleet Sharing Software

RTA is the alternative to fleet sharing software services. In an age where budgets are tightened annually, some entities have opted to join together to form area-wide purchasing co-ops in order to save money on their fleet management software purchases. RTA’s robust fleet management system is a fantastic alternate to going through this lengthy set-up process, eliminating the need to create joint venture opportunities.  […]

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Choosing the Right Fleet Management Software Company

Choose the right fleet management software company.  There are many companies within the marketplace who claim to offer comprehensive fleet management software. A true fleet management software company should be considered a long-term partner and work with you as a team member. History + Vision Research how long the company has been in business.  Have they been bought and sold numerous times or is the company long-standing within the industry?  Does the company provide and hold true to its mission, vision, and values? […]

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