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Congratulations to GFX Award Nominees

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phoenix, AZ – Ron Turley Associates, Inc. congratulates all Government Fleet’s “Leading Fleets for 2017” on this year’s award nominations. The awards program recognizes government-based fleet operations performing at a high level, particularly in fleet leadership, competitiveness, efficiency, planning while recognizing how they overcome challenges. […]

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Managing Fleet with Confidence

Fleet management software is paving the way toward massive savings for companies in every industry by providing them with the tools they need to how effectively manage their vehicle fleets with confidence. Fleet management software is important because it gives fleet managers a wealth of data and metrics to draw from in order to better optimize the fleets under their direction. This is much more complicated than making sure fleet vehicles are at rendezvous locations on time; the fleet manager is responsible for vehicle dispatching to asset management and mechanic supervision. This article walks you through the basic elements of an effective fleet management system.  Continue on… […]

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Over 2 Dozen Ways to Correctly Define Process

Ron Turley Associates (RTA) was developed to simply make fleets better.  Being passionate about efficiency within fleet maintenance, Ron Turley created an effective process for fleet operators.  Ask yourself how RTA’s scalable process can fit into your own.  First, let’s take a look at defining ‘process’. Process (re-) Defined Process can be defined as the performance of a series of mechanical operations on something in order to change or preserve. However, when diving deeper, this can also include: enjoy, experience, maintain, occupy, journey, accomplishments, assembly, composition, computer, make, mold, put together, care for, guard, secure, sustain, uphold, arrange, compile, design, engage, formulate, prioritize, schedule, purify, examine, and choose.  A vivid picture of the outcomes desired by an effective process has just been painted. […]

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Service Level Agreement

To effectively operate a fleet services department, it is necessary to understand the customer's needs and concerns.  Has consideration been given to establishing a Service Level Agreement which outlines services provides and the expectations of you and your customer?  A formal business relationship ensures each party is operating on the same understanding to help lessen assumptions. [...]

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