Time is money…find out how your fleet operation can save both!


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RTA’s motor pool tracking system can dramatically improve the efficiency of your fleet operation while cutting down on overhead costs and streamlining your tracking process.  Here are six ways our system can save you time and money when reserving and tracking your equipment.

# 1.  Reservation Reporting

Our system tracks fleet reservation history that includes previously charged rates, which equipment was reserved, and details about the date of reservation.  This valuable information allows you to maintain a strong grasp on the details of your customers.

# 2.  Recurring Reservations

RTA’s tracking system also allows for recurring reservations, which can make business with repeat customers more efficient and more personal.  Options for check-in and check-out, combined with detailed reservation history, allow for a smooth and quick process, providing an incentive for customers to keep coming back for more business.

# 3.  Usage Reporting

RTA’s motor pool tracking module allows you to generate real-time information on fleet equipment usage and reservations, location of equipment, customer history, and crucial billing information.  This feature allows for a complete up-to-date overview of your operation.

# 4.  Flexible Rate Structure

Every client, every customer, and every department has different needs.  At RTA, we understand the importance of meeting the specific needs of our customers and have incorporated a flexible rate structure system.  Our motor pool tracking system is a multi-tiered, multi-rate system that has the capability to accommodate complex rate structures.  Rates can be established for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and one-time use, or for recurring reservations.

# 5.  Efficient Billing

Our module provides valuable information to generate billing reports for each of your departments and for each of your customers.  You are able to look up billing history and then print statements for each of your customers or internal fleet departments.  Everything can be itemized or broken down into specific departments, making it easier and faster to reserve fleet equipment and ensure timely payment.

# 6.  Easy Integration

RTA’s Motor Pool Module can be integrated seamlessly into the RTA Fleet Management system allowing you to get started right away!

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