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4 Tools to Help Large Fleets Stay Organized

Managers of large fleets face unique challenges to keep their operations organized. Managers must contend with maintaining numerous assets, overseeing large staffs, keeping up with day-to-day tasks, and trying to find efficiencies where they can. Because of this, fleet managers need tools to help them stay organized. See how using software, custom reports, paperless work [...]

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3 Ways to Better Manage Tire Expenses

Tire costs are typically the third-greatest expense of most fleets, behind fuel and labor. To reduce these expenses, operations need to determine how to get more life out of their tires. Keeping tires properly inflated and managing their wear and tear can help save fleet operations thousands of dollars. Get tips on how you can [...]

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5 Ways Motor Pool Tracking Systems Streamline a Fleet’s Operation

Trying to keep track of a fleet of motor pool vehicles can be a difficult task for fleet managers. Knowing which vehicles are available at any given time, and ensuring reserved vehicles are serviced and ready can be an even bigger challenge. Motor Pool tracking systems can improve the efficiency of fleet operations while cutting down [...]

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5 Costly Mistakes Fleet Managers Make (and How to Avoid Them)

When running a fleet operation, managers have to consider everything from the status of their inventory, to budgets, to the skill levels of their staff members. The bigger the fleet, the more complicated running the day-to-day logistics becomes. This can lead to mistakes. Ultimately, these errors can cost the operation money and time, in addition [...]

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4 Pain Points a Fleet Management System Alleviates

It’s a difficult job keeping a fleet of vehicles and equipment running. With so many details to track, fleet managers can struggle to keep their fleet running efficiently. Fleet management software can help fleet managers succeed. Software can help fleet managers eliminate issues related to vehicle whereabouts, driver behaviors, vehicle downtime and paperwork. Photo [...]

By | September 6th, 2018|fleet management|0 Comments

Test Drive RTA Fleet Software

Bam!!! You've hit an office wall. You're looking for fleet software and it's now at the top of a list entitled "Decisions to be made REAL SOON." You've got your team engaged and enlisted. Your real live Account Manager is on your mind and he's got you on his mind. A lot. Calls, emails, check-ins [...]

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Experiences Not to Miss at the American Public Transit Association Expo

Experiences at APTA 2017 You Won't Want To Miss Held every three years in conjunction with the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) Annual Meeting, EXPO is public transit's premier showcase of technology, products and services. Be at the center of the growing public transportation industry October 9-11, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. APTA EXPO is the only event where [...]

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Fleet Software’s Annual Maintenance Agreement

Importance of an Annual Maintenance Agreement What's the big deal about maintaining an annual maintenance agreement, you may ask?  The answer and solution are simple, but first, let's discuss and consider a few questions. Have you ever experienced a time when your computer crashed and the feeling which ensued? Do hopelessness and helplessness come to [...]

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5 Things Not to Miss at FleetCon 2017

There is plenty to see and do at FleetCon 2017.  Here are the top 5 you won't want to miss: Educational Sessions Education is a continual process; from daily interactions to structured classroom settings and conference sessions. Join us in Provo, Utah to hear what is working in peer organizations; learn what may be coming [...]

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Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts

RTA staff and management would like to share important information pertaining to recovery efforts within communities in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. As we enter the period of recovery in our communities, there is some important information pertaining to local governments, businesses, and local residents, that H-GAC's partners at the Texas General Land Office would [...]

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