For a fleet of any size, barcoding inventory should be standard practice, which is why RTA Fleet Management software comes with built-in barcoding capability. Barcode scanners are 20,000 times more accurate and up to 20 times faster than manual data entry.

Using a Barcode Scanner during inventory:

  • Eliminates the need for tedious data entry (correctly typing in 10-15 characters for each item)
  • Greatly reduces opportunities for human error
  • Increases speed of entering inventory (items take seconds to scan), which saves big on man-hours
  • Aids in multitasking, letting users receive and post parts, as well as apply them to purchase orders
  • Allows for lightning-quick comparison between physical inventory counts and the counts in your RTA System

Utilizing RTA’s Barcoding Software is as easy as contacting an RTA associate to assist in choosing the right tools for your operation. RTA sells and supports several state-of-the-art scanning and printing options and RTA Software recognizes the most widely used barcoding formats in the industry.


Portable Scanning

RTA Worth TriCoder Laser Scanner
Our most popular model by far, RTA’s TriCoder Laser Scanner offers on-the-go versatility with several exceptional programs geared to streamline parts AND fuel management, making this tool a must-have for larger fleets.

TriCoder Programs:

INVENTORY & PO PARTS RECEIVED – The TriCoder uses its integrated laser and 15” scan range to make inventory management a breeze. Not only does the TriCoder prompt for part numbers and quantities, but also for PO number, PO extension, invoice number, and price.

INVENTORY BIN – Save precious time by letting the TriCoder automatically renumber bin locations.

FUEL TRACKING – The TriCoder collects fuel data right at the pump by prompting for vehicle number, odometer reading, pump number, and fuel quantity, which is then uploaded into your RTA system.

FLUIDS TRACKING – In addition to tracking fuel, the TriCoder also allows users to post oil and transmission fluid usage per vehicle and have quantities automatically deducted from inventory. A similar program can be utilized that prompts for antifreeze, as well.

ODOMETER UPDATE – The TriCoder makes once tiresome odometer reading and recording effortless, whether walking the yard or collecting month-end reports.

VEHICLE WASH – Keep diligent track of the cost of exterior and/or interior washes per vehicle by letting the TriCoder automatically collect the data.

The powerful, durable, battery operated TriCoder also features voice prompt capability and comes with a 2 year warranty.

picture2RTA LZ360-RF Wireless Scanner
Scan directly to your computer from up to 300 feet away with the LZ360-RF Wireless Scanner. Ergonomically designed for easy, point and shoot action, this scanner comes with a USB base station, rechargeable battery, power supply, and a 2 year warranty.

Plug & Play Scanning

picture3RTA LZ360 Laser Scanner
The LZ360 Laser Scanner connects directly to your computer via USB, providing fast and simple laser scanning capability. Like our other scanners, it runs on the industry’s highest speed scan engine (100 scan per second) and comes with a 2 year warranty.