To help you better manage your inventory, RTA has built-in barcoding software that’s ready to use out-of-the-box.

The RTA Barcoding system provides the following benefits to your operation:

  • Provides error-free input
  • Allows for less manual data entry
  • Produces bin tags and parts tags
  • Allows for accurate parts inventories

RTA’s software recognizes the most widely used barcoding formats in the industry. RTA also offers its own Barcode Scanners and Printers.

Barcode Scanners

Streamline parts, fluids, and fuel management with RTA’s Barcode Scanners and Tri-Coder. Experience on-the-go versatility with several exceptional programs. RTA’s wireless scanners provide operations with the ability to easily track parts management and perform parts inventory.

Barcode Printers

While RTA’s Barcoding solution is as easy as buying labels for your existing printer, we also offer Barcode Printers for companies looking for added reliability, support and convenience.

In addition to printers, RTA also offers a complete line of compatible barcode printer accessories, including thermal ribbon and assorted label types in various roll quantities.

“I don’t know why everyone isn’t using (the barcoding solution). It pays for itself.”

Ken Riley, Island Transit

Contact us today to see how RTA Barcoding software and hardware can improve your operation’s efficiency.