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4 Essential Items Fleet Managers Must Track

When it comes to running a fleet maintenance shop, there are numerous details that cannot be overlooked.  While all specifics are important, these four areas are crucial to the success of the operation. Find out why safety, productivity, purchasing and preventative maintenance must be tracked by fleet managers. Safety The top priority for fleet managers is [...]

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Preventative Maintenance: Why it’s a Must for Your Shop

When it comes to fleet maintenance, operations don’t have the luxury of ignoring the status of each vehicle. An “ignorance is bliss” approach can provide false comfort, but not knowing the status and health of vehicles can potentially result in major issues -- and even breakdowns. To stay up-to-date on vehicle health, operations should perform [...]

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4 Tools to Help Large Fleets Stay Organized

Managers of large fleets face unique challenges to keep their operations organized. Managers must contend with maintaining numerous assets, overseeing large staffs, keeping up with day-to-day tasks, and trying to find efficiencies where they can. Because of this, fleet managers need tools to help them stay organized. See how using software, custom reports, paperless work [...]

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5 Costly Mistakes Fleet Managers Make (and How to Avoid Them)

When running a fleet operation, managers have to consider everything from the status of their inventory, to budgets, to the skill levels of their staff members. The bigger the fleet, the more complicated running the day-to-day logistics becomes. This can lead to mistakes. Ultimately, these errors can cost the operation money and time, in addition [...]

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4 Pain Points a Fleet Management System Alleviates

It’s a difficult job keeping a fleet of vehicles and equipment running. With so many details to track, fleet managers can struggle to keep their fleet running efficiently. Fleet management software can help fleet managers succeed. Software can help fleet managers eliminate issues related to vehicle whereabouts, driver behaviors, vehicle downtime and paperwork. Photo Credit: [...]

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2 Simple Items to Maximize Your ROI with Fleet Maintenance Software

When researching for the right fleet maintenance software partner, don’t overlook two simple items that will maximize your return on investment.  When establishing a parts inventory program, it is important to set-up a parts warranty program.  Parts warranties should be one of the most often tracked items within your daily operation. Second, don’t miss establishment of an effective preventive maintenance routine set up to track the right data, in the right places, all at the right time.  Having improved access to data allows better shop management overall. […]

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Top 5 Qualities of a Great Fleet Manager

Here are 5 qualities of a great fleet manager. Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a great fleet manager and the qualities one must possess? Based on years of interaction with fleet management professionals, here are the top 5 qualities of a great fleet manager we’ve witnessed time-and-time-again. Leadership By Example A fleet manager must be an effective leader and one of the main traits is to lead by example.  A leader serves.  He/she serves those around them, on any level.  Whether it is an employee, a customer, a supervisor, or political figure.  Leaders inspire each of us to improve and do our daily best. Leaders have vision and embrace the future.  They create change and are not fearful of it.  Leaders understand they are role models and do their best to fulfill that role daily. Leaders show respect.  They value their team’s contributions and work hard to create a winning atmosphere which rewards each individual’s accomplishments. […]

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Over 2 Dozen Ways to Correctly Define Process

Ron Turley Associates (RTA) was developed to simply make fleets better.  Being passionate about efficiency within fleet maintenance, Ron Turley created an effective process for fleet operators.  Ask yourself how RTA’s scalable process can fit into your own.  First, let’s take a look at defining ‘process’. Process (re-) Defined Process can be defined as the performance of a series of mechanical operations on something in order to change or preserve. However, when diving deeper, this can also include: enjoy, experience, maintain, occupy, journey, accomplishments, assembly, composition, computer, make, mold, put together, care for, guard, secure, sustain, uphold, arrange, compile, design, engage, formulate, prioritize, schedule, purify, examine, and choose.  A vivid picture of the outcomes desired by an effective process has just been painted. […]

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What Makes RTA Fleet Management Software Better?

RTA Fleet Management Software works hard to provide intricate, yet easy-to-use, fleet management software for its clients.  In today's market, there are many companies claiming to provide fleet management software.  What makes a fleet management software company stand out?  How do you choose the right fit for your operation?  What makes a better fleet management [...]

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How Fleet Managers Save Fleets Money

  Along with best practices, there are small, operational changes that can exponentially save money for fleets over time with the assistance and use of an efficient and effective fleet software management system. These practices include: Maximizing Warranty Recovery Many fleets miss out on thousands of dollars per year in unclaimed warranties (source). In fact, [...]

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