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Managing a fleet for the public can be a daunting task. With so much focus being placed on saving taxpayer dollars, you have to squeeze every penny out of your fleet. RTA Fleet Maintenance can be your best friend when it comes to squeezing pennies and saving dollars. Whether you are tracking facilities, equipment or your vehicular fleet, RTA Fleet Maintenance provides solutions for both small municipal fleets and large, multi-departmental fleets with thousands of assets. Whether you are pushing snow, picking up the daily trash collection, managing a police fleet, or maintaining executive sedans, RTA can fit into your specific maintenance needs.

RTA Fleet Maintenance recognizes that equipment reliability, availability, and safety are some of the top primary concerns for a city fleet, and the RTA Fleet Maintenance solution keeps fleets operational, efficient, and safe. Accounting for and charging departmental budgets for maintenance, repair, and operation costs are standard features in the RTA Fleet Management system. Additionally, accurate cost accounting provides the ability to manage the maintenance budget effectively and efficiently.

With hundreds of cities, counties and other municipal fleets already enjoying the benefits the RTA Fleet Maintenance system, you will find yourself in good company.

RTA understands the needs of your industry. The RTA Fleet Maintenance Software certainly has many more features, which you can view by requesting a customized demo. Our sales staff is happy to demonstrate the advantages of our software and discuss how RTA Fleet Maintenance Software can add value to your workflow.

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