Many fleets have a need to track Downtime on their vehicles. Whether your Fleet has a mission-critical function such as emergency equipment or you are accountable to a tax-paying public, downtime is something that everyone wishes they could avoid. If downtime avoidance is an important part of your fleet operation, RTA can help you keep track of your vehicle status in real-time. RTA offers both a basic status tracking system as well as a more full-featured Downtime tracking feature – one of only a few in the industry!

Equipment status can be tracked for each vehicle in the fleet. As a piece of equipment is serviced, the status of the equipment can be set to “Un-available” (user-definable). This status is viewable through the Vehicle Status screen, which can be given to remote users or outside departments so they can check the status of their equipment without a call into the shop. Status changes can be made manually by the technician or set to automatic mode so that the changes occur as repairs are completed.

The Downtime tracking feature allows you to specify equipment availability and then to track the time that a piece of equipment is down in relation to that availability – thus tracking Downtime. Downtime reports show the percentage of availability for your equipment. You can specify the various reasons why the equipment is down – such as: waiting for parts, waiting for bay, waiting for labor, in repair, test driving, etc. Each status can be tracked to the minute! A comprehensive downtime report will tell you how your fleet is performing against downtime requirements and standards.