Driver Reporting is a standard part of most fleets due to DOT requirements. The RTA system offers a Driver Reporting add-on module to help the shop and the drivers “communicate”. In many shops, the Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) or driver report is a dreaded, and sometimes heated, topic. Drivers complain about the equipment and how it operates. The shop complains about how the drivers abuse the vehicles. The RTA Driver Reporting module takes the dread out of the process by allowing the driver to submit a VCR ticket electronically to the shop. This “kiosk” approach takes the guess work out of interpreting the VCR and what the driver is trying to describe. It also puts into a place a reporting mechanism from the Driver to Technician and then back to the Driver once the repairs have been done.

How does this work? The driver selects from a set of drop down options (user defined) to describe the problem with the equipment and then submits the ticket to the shop. The system looks for duplicate submissions so that the same problem is not repeatedly submitted. The shop manager can then take the ticket and assign it to a Work Order and technician.

Once the technician finishes the repairs, the system then reports back to the Driver that the repairs that have been completed. The next time the Driver clocks onto the system they are notified that the repairs have been done for their vehicle.

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The benefits of using the Driver Reporting module:

  • Eliminates the “chicken scratch” on VCRs and stores them electronically. Less paper mess.
  • Standardizes description of problems on the VCR
  • Fully identifies the location on the equipment where the problem is occurring
  • Allows the shop to take the equipment out-of-service for safety issues
  • Allows the driver to quickly submit a ticket for repairs
  • No lost tickets
  • Reports back to the driver the status of the repairs as they are corrected
  • Keeps an audit trail of all tickets submitted and by whom
  • Great for pre-trip and post-trip document management
  • Makes the driver part of the solution
  • Special interfaces available for handheld systems such as Zonar and Synovia