Fleet Maintenance Software Solutions for Emergency Services

Operating and maintaining an Emergency Service Fleet implies a lot of scrutiny from the public as well as liability issues. When vehicle reliability, performance and availability are critical, RTA Fleet Maintenance Software will provide you the needed information to operate your maintenance program with 100% confidence. If you have a single maintenance location or hundreds of repair shops, RTA Fleet Maintenance Software is scalable to fit your operational requirements.

RTA Fleet Maintenance Software tracks your fleet costs for billing to departments, customers, or budgets. The RTA Software works effectively for fleets maintaining as few as a dozen vehicles or fleets maintaining thousands of vehicles. RTA is all about preventative maintenance and can effectively warn of pending services before they become break-downs and road calls. RTA excels at tracking vehicle performance and maintenance operations.

With access to accurate information through our Fleet Maintenance Software, you can manage your fleet from an informed position, and the emergency to which you are responding will be your only concern. The RTA Software can assist you in achieving improved maintenance costs as well as better vehicle performance. Of course this means that you can provide your services for a better price and keep those contracts intact. The RTA Family has hundreds of Emergency Equipment fleets just like yours making better business decisions thanks to the RTA solution. The RTA Fleet Maintenance Software certainly has many more features, which you can view by clicking the “Features List” link on the left side of the page or you can see them in action by downloading the free, full-functioning demo. It takes just a few minutes to download and you can see it in action. Our sales staff is happy to demonstrate the advantages of our software and discuss how RTA can add value to your workflow. Call us today to setup a web-demo and get a quote for your fleet.

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