The RTA Fleet Management system has been used in fleets of varying sizes all over the world. From a small fleet of 15 pieces of equipment to large multi-national fleets that run over 20,000 units – the RTA system can meet the demanding needs of the enterprise no matter the size.

RTA is compatible with most common networking technologies and works with thin-client systems such as Terminal Services or Citrix. Since the RTA system is scalable, it can support multiple regions and multiple cost-centers (facilities) within a region. Region and facility level reporting is also supported providing the mid-level and upper-level manager with the necessary information to make informed business decisions. So whether you are “in the trenches” or viewing the fleet from a high perch somewhere, the RTA system delivers for the Enterprise user, giving you the ultimate control of your fleet performance.

RTA installs easily on local area networks, SQL and Oracle based server systems. Natively, RTA is a two-tier architecture using a “thick-client” for the application – but using a thin-client role-out solution you can make the RTA system emulate a three-tier environment as well. The current version of RTA is not web-based but development is under way to provide this capability to our growing user-base.