How do we make a maintenance request with RTA? 

We have a 5-star support staff on-hand in our Arizona office to take your call. Just call (800-279-0549) or email (Support@RTAFleet.com) our Support group to reach one of our experts.  

Where is your Support team located?

Our entire Support team is based at our headquarters in Glendale, AZ. We do not offshore any calls! You can reach our 5-star team Monday-Friday, 5am to 5pm MST.  

Does RTA integrate with accounting software? 

Yes, we integrate with many accounting software applications. If we do not currently have your accounting software set up, just let us know and we can work on adding it.

What other integrations do you have available? 

We offer a wide variety of integrations. Our most popular requests include accounting, telematics, fueling, dispatch software, and others.  If you have an integration request not listed, just let us know and we’ll work with you.

Do you offer barcoding?  

Yes, it is one of our most popular Parts features.  

Can RTA track tires? 


Can you track outside maintenance? 


Do you have audit trails? 


Do you have Reporting? Can I create custom reports? 

We have over 150 out-of-the-box reports and the ability for you to create and customize your own.   

Can I customize fields? 


How much does RTA’s solution cost? 

The cost depends on the number of users or assets you want in the system. To get a quote, reach out to our Sales team to schedule a demo. 

Can I migrate my data into your software? 

Yes, you can download your information onto an Excel spreadsheet and we will upload it into RTA. 

Do you offer training on the RTA system? 

Yes, we have a robust training program. We offer regular sessions on Basic, Advanced, and job-specific role-based training. We also offer Reporting classes to ensure your team can accurately collect your data. If needed, we also offer customized training sessions – either online or on-site at your fleet operation.

How do I get a demo scheduled? 

You can fill out this request form, or send an email to sales@rtafleet.com.      

How long does a demo take? 

On average, a demo is around 60-90 minutes. 

Who owns the data? 

You do!

Is RTA cloud hosted? 


Is RTA secure? 


What’s your uptime?  


How long is the contract period? 

We have annual contracts. 

Do you offer telematics?

Yes, we are a telematics reseller.  

Do you have web/mobile functionality? 

Yes! RTA can be accessed on an internet-connected device. We also offer an RTA Mobile app, and our RTA Web solution.

Is RTA Inspect free? 

RTA Inspect, our DVIR app, is included in our Platinum, Diamond and Concierge tiers. Otherwise, you can get it for as low as $30/month per user.  

What’s your most popular tier? 


How easy is it to increase or upgrade our package? 

It’s super easy! Just reach out to sales@rtafleet.com and we will take care of it. 

What user options are available in RTA? 

We offer full-user accounts for admins, partial users, tech users, and driver users. Permissions can be varied by role.

Is there an option for an on-prem system? 

We stopped selling on-prem with the introduction of our SaaS options.  

Do you offer custom work? 

Yes. The cost and timeline may vary per project, but we typically charge $200/hour for the work.

What’s the average customer relationship? 

12 years! 

How long does the implementation process take? 

Our goal is to get everyone through the implementation process within 30 days. 

How long does it take to get fully up and running? 

It depends on how quickly you want to go,  but it typically takes around 90 days on average.

How long until we realize cost savings? 

It depends on how quickly you get up and running, but in many cases, cost savings can be realized immediately. 

What is RTA Connect?

RTA Connect is our annual user conference.  It is a three-day event that offers training classes, courses on Best Practices and industry trends, opportunities for networking – and of course, fun!

What is Fleet Success? 

Fleet success is about helping fleets succeed by making improvements around the 4 Pillars of Fleet Success: Stakeholder Satisfaction, Intentional Culture, Resource Efficiency, and Risk Management.  

How long has RTA been in business? 

Since 1979!


Do have other questions for us? Just send us an email or give us a call at (800) 279-0549!