Warranty recovery is one of the quickest ways to improve your operational bottom-line. The RTA fleet maintenance system provides a warranty-tracking feature that will help you get those dollars back from the garbage bins. As you use the RTA fleet maintenance system, it can notify you if a particular repair is a warranty repair right on the screen. Not after the fact, but right on the screen when you enter the repair info.

The RTA fleet maintenance system tracks warranties for OEM (such as Bumper-to-bumper), Extended (such as Power-train) as well as component/after-market (parts). Once a repair is flagged as a warranty item (which happens automatically as you use the system), you can create a claim in the system and track the collection on that claim from the vendor. Aging reports will assist in following up with the claim process and keep your vendors honest when it comes to your claims.

With real-time on-the-screen notification, a Technician is notified immediately if an item is warrantable or not. And warranty tracking doesn’t stop there, the RTA fleet maintenance system will continue to collect data on each warranty item so that you can evaluate the performance of a particular part with details such as Mean Time/Miles between failures in your fleet. As well as the number of items that failed before and beyond the mark.

In addition to the standard warranty tracking features, the RTA fleet maintenance system also offers a feature that will initiate a PM for a piece of equipment to occur just before the OE warranty on the equipment expires. You can be notified to do a “warranty expiration inspection” a few months before the warranty expires so that you can get maximum benefit from the vendor by submitting those claims prior to the expiration.

Want to find a Return on Investment for the RTA system? Warranty recovery will help pay for your system in a matter of months!