RTA Fleet Management Software Solutions

Flexible Configuration

RTA Fleet Management Software’s solution is configurable to help you run your fleet more efficiently, from being able to set up your own dashboard, to setting user-based permissions, to creating your own forms:


Get real-time information and status updates on the areas of your fleet operation you want to monitor most closely. You can choose from dozens of modules to display on your dashboard, including Preventative Maintenance Pie Chart, Open Work Orders, Equipment Status, Fuel Tank Gauge and Labor Costs.

Permission-Based Access

Limit access per user to determine which data and features are available to each member of your team and set additional security parameters to ensure your information is secure.

User-Definable Fields

Customize form fields needed to manage your vehicles, vendors, purchase orders, equipment and more. RTA’s solution offers additional options that include password protection, color coding, field order/size and font size/style.

A key factor in deciding to go with RTA as our fleet maintenance software — 1) was the longevity of the company. They’ve been around a long time and had a good track record. 2) was the flexibility that the software offered with all of the switches that were available. 3) was the interaction between myself and those at RTA … [RTA was] very receptive to providing custom solutions, which is critical in a solutions platform.

– Ron Gambini,

The Trans Group