The RTA Fleet Management system includes a Fuel tracking system to help you keep track of one of your greatest fleet expenses. With gas prices reaching all-time highs of late – getting control of fuel costs is a critical aspect to good fleet operations.

RTA allows you to enter fuel transactions manually, or via an electronic fuel interface to your Automated Pump and Tank monitoring system. RTA can read the transactions produced from most fuel vendors and have those transactions automatically entered into the RTA system. This keeps your odometers/hubometers up to date and in turn keeps your PM system on target.

RTA can provide a customized interface to Gasboy, Petrovend, Fuelmaster, Phoenix, Voyager, Comdata, Trak, Tech 21, and Wright Express, to name a few.
If you don’t see your fuel system of choice listed here, please ask. We can probably interface with it also.

Of course RTA also offers several Fueling reports to allow you to get totals for each piece of equipment, or each pump or each tank. Additionally you can produce Departmental or Customer Fuel Billing reports. These reports can provide you the billing info you need to recoup those fuel costs from the departments that use your fuel lanes or fuel cards.

The Fuel Tracking system can also help you with your Fuel Tax reporting (IFTA). By storing state-by-state fuel usage and mileage figures (metric supported too) – the RTA system can give you the necessary info to fill out those pesky IFTA reports so that you get your fuel credits straight.