As any good fleet manager knows, keeping track of part warranties is an absolute necessity. Uncredited warranties can cost a fleet hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, so having the right kind of tracking tool is imperative.

What is ‘Full-Cycle’?

Many systems offer ‘warranty notifications’, or single reminders that a part is in warranty, after which the customer is left to perform any follow up. Not only does RTA Full-Cycle Warranty Tracking give notification, it also documents:

  • whether the part was sent back to the vendor for credit
  • whether the vendor granted credit
  • whether that credit was applied to the appropriate vehicle or piece of equipment

Big Picture

RTA Full-Cycle Warranty Tracking effectively closes the gap between warranty awareness and fulfillment, but it also helps with ‘big picture’ analysis.

Analyze performance statistics of like parts from various manufacturers or vendors. RTA Software makes it easy to track part failure statistics.

Prevent costly breakdowns. Tracking part failure statistics, as well as multiple installations of the same part on a single vehicle or piece of equipment, can help predict part failures.

RTA Full-Cycle Warranty Tracking comes standard with RTA Fleet Management Software and is just one of the many reasons you should contact RTA today.