Gone are the days when the mechanics remember everything that was done to this vehicle or that. Computerized Fleet Systems now make it easier and infinitely more accurate than relying on what someone remembers what was done to a vehicle or piece of equipment.

The RTA system contains very comprehensive history reporting for each piece of equipment in your fleet. Want to know when the last brake job was done? It’s in there! Want to know how many of these alternators have been installed and on which vehicles? It’s in there! Whether you are looking for a basic historical or cost report or a more complex report – RTA stores every transaction done to an asset for the life of the asset and gives you many reports to pull the data out. If there is a question as to what, when, where and who – RTA stores it in the system for instant retrieval at any time.

Reporting is not just about knowing what is going on in the fleet. When there is an accident involving one of your vehicles – fleet maintenance records are the first thing that gets scrutiny by the lawyers and investigators. So when it comes to accident liability protection, there is no better tool than the RTA Fleet Management system. When it comes to tracking costs, there is no better tool than the RTA Fleet Management system.