Know Your Fleet. Control Your Costs.

Your fleet has a lot of responsibilities – perhaps most importantly, transporting people.

In addition, you also need to keep track of a fleet of vehicles. Storing vital information in numerous places is not feasible – or safe. You need all of your data in one place to accurately manage your vehicles and make decisions so you can stay on budget – and keep your passengers safe.

You need a software solution that can help you organize your vehicles and your maintenance staff, save you money, and let you safely transport passengers. We can help.

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Our Robust Fleet Management Software Can Help

RTA’s FMIS solution has out-of-the-box tools that can help your fleet organization store all of its data in one place, streamline your maintenance and parts processes to get your vehicles back on the road faster, and save you money.




Get Real-Time Insights on Your Fleet With Reporting Tools

When should you replace your vehicles? Should you outsource certain repairs? And most importantly – what is the ROI of having a fleet department? These questions can be difficult to answer without the right data and reporting tools. RTA’s FMIS has them. (And, we have the ability to use APWA, VMRS and NAFA class codes to keep it easy for you.)

With real-time insights into your vehicles and organization, you have the data to back up important decisions, find ways to make your shop more efficient, and determine where you can cut costs.

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Improve Your Efficiency with Automation

Let your software solution make your fleet organization – including your maintenance staff – more efficient by saving time through automation. RTA’s FMIS features Paperless Shop tools that help you automate the creation of Work Orders, Purchase Orders, PM lists, and more.

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Enhance Your Preventative Maintenance and Safety Programs

Your vehicles need to be on their routes, not in the shop. To get people and students where they need to be on time, you need to minimize each asset’s downtime. Having an organized preventative maintenance program can help keep your fleet of vehicles running safely.

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Increase Your Parts Management Program – Without Adding Personnel

To make your operation more efficient, you need a more organized Parts Management Program. Reduce the time your technicians spend searching and waiting for parts. Cut costs you’re spending on over-ordering the wrong parts. And do it without adding personnel. RTA’s Parts Management tool allows you to improve your parts inventory process, organize your parts ordering program, and establish a parts warranty process – even if you don’t have a designated Parts Manager.

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Are you ready to learn how RTA can take your public fleet operation to the next level by organizing your operation and saving you money?

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Why Our Clients Use Our Solution

Dan, City Fleet Manager in the Pacific Northwest

“I will always recommend RTA to a fleet associate.  RTA provides timely, attentive, upbeat service to its customer(s), and ensures their needs are met in a positive manner.  This action is a true reflection on RTA as company and business.”

Ramona, City Fleet Leader in the Southwest

“RTA really values customer input and feedback!  They are super responsive, and their customer service team is very motivated to finding resolutions quickly and efficiently.  They are family-oriented and think of their customers as extended family.”

Tips for Managing Your School Bus Fleet

Keep your school bus fleet running properly – and safely – by assuring your drivers are trained and your buses are inspected.

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Take an inside look at how the Buckeye Valley Fire District saved money by using RTA’s Parts Inventory tools.

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