Shop Management is not just about managing your equipment. One of your most important resources are the Technicians in your shop and their time. The RTA system gives you the tools necessary to allocate these labor resources in the most advantageous way possible.

RTA provides you with great tools to schedule your work in the shop. Whether you are pre-scheduling the jobs or “batching” them in after the fact – you can manage the time in the shop and know where each minute of labor is going. The RTA Paperless Shop option also provides an even more effective method to track the time spent by the technicians for both Direct and Indirect labor.

RTA will also help you identify training needs of your staff as well as track performance against time standards for the jobs in the system. By using the VRMS coding system and the “standard hours” feature, you can assess the performance of your staff and determine which individuals need training on the vehicle systems they are repairing. The better trained the mechanic, the less repeat-work and less down time for your equipment – both of which will add profits to your bottom line or keep you within budget!

Fleet Management – not just about “Fleet”.

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