RTA offers a significant feature for the Paperless Shop concept with the Paperless Inspection module. Paperless Inspections allows a technician to create customized inspection forms for the fleet, then process those inspections on the equipment using a tablet PC or wireless device.

The inspections are stored in the RTA database and update the vehicle history – all without a single scrap of paper.The technician is presented with an electronic checklist and they can select if the items is pass-fail-n/a. If a failure is designated, failure descriptions pop-up for the technician to further clarify the problem. Additionally, the technician can enter free form notes for the line as well as answer customized prompts on the inspection form.

Since the user creates the inspection forms on line – they are totally customizable for the fleet. Forms can be copied into other forms to allow for easy, customized form creation and modification.

The flexibility of the Paperless Inspection module makes it perfect for setting up inspections of all varieties for your fleet.

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