For years, shop managers have dreamed of a shop without paper. The dream has been realized and is in use by hundreds of RTA users throughout the world for over two decades! The Paperless shop module – the first of its kind when introduced – puts the computers on the shop floor where the technician can have access to the critical information needed when maintaining a piece of equipment.

The Paperless shop module acts as a time-clock as well, tracking 100% of the time that a technician is “on-the-clock” and allocating their labor to the appropriate activity. Using the Paperless shop you can finally get a real number for your Direct vs. Indirect labor that is occurring in the shop. This will help in allocating your labor resources as well as identifying training and hiring needs in the shop.

The Paperless shop option gives the technician the ability to clock-in and clock-off jobs as they progress through their work day. Every minute of labor is properly accounted for on the right job. No more guessing how much time a job takes, – it will be right there in the system. Additionally, as the technicians use the Paperless shop screen, they are updating the fleet data in real time. Parts and Tires can be posted right from the terminal – thus eliminating the need for the paper to accompany the parts to the bay. The Technician can also get access to the Vehicle/Equipment information and history right on the Terminal.

Other benefits from the Paperless Shop System:

    Shop activity screen lets the shop supervisor see what each mechanic is doing in the shop – in real time Full accountability of each mechanic for any date range Incomplete jobs can be placed back at the top of the job list Priority scheduling of jobs in the shop real-time calculation of mechanic productivity Time card printout showing the actual time worked by mechanic for the date range Lost time reporting Indirect labor tracking and reporting Vacation and Sick-time tracking Full integrates with the RTA Work Order system

Take a step into the 21st century with your shop by taking them to a greener, paperless world with the Paperless Shop module from RTA.