RTA Fleet Management Software Solutions

Parts Inventory Management

The RTA Fleet Management Software solution features a robust parts inventory control system.

The Parts Inventory Management offering includes:

Parts Inventory

Quickly reorder as parts are marked as “used” in the Work Order system.

The Parts Inventory module includes dozens of features, including: Vendor Tracking, Cost Markup, Unlimited Cross-Referencing, Warrant Tracking, and Back Order Tracking.

Parts Usage Reporting

Streamline your parts inventory management with up-to-date reports on your stock. This allows you to simplify your ordering process, eliminate unneeded or unwanted inventory, and improve the overall condition of stock through better turnover ratios.

Vendor Performance Tracking

Track the performance and inventory of parts supplied by your vendors – down to each brand and part type.

Warranty Tracking

Track parts warranties and have real-time access to what repairs are under warranty. This lets you recover more funds from parts that are covered.

[RTA’s solution is] very accurate for us. We’ve had three different consultant firms confirm that our fleet is running at the highest accuracy that we can. We also can track our parts usage a lot more accurately, which makes us more credible and makes our auditors a lot happier, too.

– Rod Permar,

Coconino County