The RTA Fleet Management System includes a very robust Parts Inventory control system. With automatic reordering of parts as they are used through the Work Order system, it is virtually maintenance free. Here is a partial list of the features in the RTA Parts Inventory module:

  • Master part numbering
  • Unlimited cross-referencing
  • 5 bin/stocking locations for each part
  • Cost markup for a part
  • Automatic and manual re-ordering
  • Vendor tracking
  • Consignment parts
  • Core Parts Tracking
  • “Fits” tracking (ie. What does this part fit?)
  • Part categories (belts, hoses, oils, etc)
  • MSDS image storage
  • Warranty tracking
  • Component performance analysis/comparison
  • Bar Coded parts tagging and Bin Labels
  • Stock vs. non-Stock reporting
  • Chargeable vs. Non-Chargeable support
  • Reorder point and quantity settings.
  • Back order tracking
  • Multiple inventories in one company
  • Usage summary and detail information
  • Ability to transfer parts between shops
  • Parts notes screen for unlimited notes per sku
  • Account code tracking by part
  • Image storage for a part.
  • Parts usage reporting (where/when/which vehicle)
  • PO and order history
  • Support for handheld devices for inventory control
  • And many more…

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The Parts Inventory feature integrates seamlessly with the Purchasing module and the Work Order module so no extra keystrokes are required to have the inventory stay in sync with what is on your shelves. Several inventory reports are also available to assist with managing one of your biggest assets.

Bar Coding:

In addition to helping you manage the inventory, RTA includes bar coding [Bar Coding] built into the software and ready to use out of the box. Bar Coding requires additional equipment (bar code readers) but can provide both error-free input as well as less writing by the technicians. RTA can produce both bin tags and parts tags, thus pulling your shop into the 21st century.

With features like these and hundreds more, you can see that the RTA Parts Inventory Management module can be a great help in running your fleet.