An effective Preventative Maintenance (PM) tracking system is the most critical aspect of operating a successful fleet. The RTA system allows you to track equipment PM schedules with the greatest of ease and a lot of flexibility to boot. Each piece of equipment tracked in the system can have over 250 different PM schedules if needed. You can even relate different PMs to each other to insure that when one service is completed the other related services are completed as well.

PMs can be used to track scheduled maintenance of course, but can also be used to track state inspections, campaigns, and licensing information and even warranty expirations.

PMs can be tracked by Date, Miles/Kilometers, Fuel, Hours, and up to four other measurements of your choosing. PMs can have part kits assigned to them to insure that the parts required for the PM are both available and properly billed out to the asset when they are performed. PMs can be scheduled to occur at an interval or on a specific Date in each cycle (ie. 15th of each month).

The RTA PM tracking feature also allows you to automatically create the Work Orders associated with the PMs that are due. This is a great time saver and will eliminate thousands of keystrokes when performing your PMs. Additionally, the system will produce several PM reports to assist in tracking your PMs. Some of the reports available are listed here:

  • All PMs
  • Due/Past Due PMs only
  • PM of one type only
  • PMs from a single location
  • PMs from multiple locations
  • PM Notification cards
  • PMs due within the next xx days

Of course, once you finish the Work Order for the PM – the PM info is updated and the next PM due is calculated. You can look at the history for your PM info at any time, and drill down to the Work Order information that represents the work done for the PM.

When combined with the Paperless Inspection Add-on you can also do your PM checklists right on the system and have those stored with the PM info.

Other PM Features:

  • Warranty PM tracking
  • Fixed Date PM Tracking
  • Put a PM to sleep for seasonal equipment
  • Quick PM Due display with auto-create feature
  • Quick PM Posting routine to quickly create and post PM work orders
  • Template Work Order for a PM
  • One-Time PM
  • Locked PM dates.