Purchase Order tracking takes a great deal of time away from the more weighty matters of Fleet management. The RTA system makes this process easier with a full Purchase Order module that works seamlessly with the Work Order module and the Parts Inventory Module.

The PO module allows creation of a PO for a vendor to replenish your shelf inventory. Non-inventory items can also be purchased and tracked through the PO system, with accounting features as well. Here is a list of some of the features found in the RTA PO module:

  • Vendor tracking
  • Blanket PO support
  • Case Lot/Bulk ordering
  • Integrates with the Tire module
  • Integrates with the Fuel module for tank deliveries
  • Integrates with the Work Order module so that purchases can be posted directly to a Work Order
  • PO aging tracking
  • Open PO tracking
  • Bar code support for Purchase Orders
  • Hand held PO receiving with an RTA Handheld.
  • Unlimited notes can be attached to a PO
  • Images can be attached to any PO
  • Average pricing support
  • Invoice by Vendor reporting for Voucher payment
  • PO extract into accounting systems
  • PO receipts by account number for accounting system integration
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  • Purchasing and Requisitions

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Purchasing and Requisitions

In conjunction with a full Parts Inventory Management, RTA also provides the Purchasing and Requisition system to put the finishing touches on your Inventory management [Parts Inventory]. As parts are used from the inventory, the system automatically creates requisitions for the parts being used. These requisitions can be reviewed, adjusted, and then turned into Purchase Orders for your vendors with a few simple mouse clicks.

RTA tracks each vendor’s performance as well as the turnover on your inventory. By giving you more control over your assets, RTA provides you the ability to save dollars instead of just pennies. RTA provides case-lot ordering, non-chargeable parts management, Budget tracking, Blanket PO Tracking and dozens of useful and informative parts and purchasing reports.

Additionally RTA provides a great reconciliation tool to assist your finance department in issuing payments for your Purchase Orders. Parts ordering history is readily available as well to assist in vendor negotiation and Fleet consumption tracking.

With seamless integration to the Tire Inventory [Tire Tracking], Fuel Inventory [Fuel Inventory] (pumps and tanks) as well as your Work Order system [Work Orders], the Purchase Order system is a nice bow on a great package.