RTA Fleet Management Software Solutions

Purchase Orders

RTA Fleet Management Software knows tracking Purchase Orders is time-consuming. To make this process quicker and easier for you, RTA offers a full Purchase Order module that works seamlessly with the Work Order and Parts Inventory modules.

The Purchase Order module allows creation of a PO for a vendor to replenish your shelf inventory. Non-inventory items can also be purchased and tracked through the Purchase Order system. Other features offered through the module include: Vendor Tracking, Blanket PO Support, Open PO Tracking and Case/Lot Bulk Ordering.

Customer-Based Markups

Easily set different pricing for various customers using RTA’s Customer-Based Markups feature. This allows you to set individual pricing and rates on parts and labor per customer and be able to instantly gauge the markup over cost.

Centralized Parts System

Make sure your entire staff is accessing the same information about your parts, eliminating the confusion that results when different sites are using different systems.

Centralized Vendor System

Ensure your entire staff is ordering from the right vendors with RTA’s Centralized Vendor System. This allows you to have one, updated vendor list that’s accessible to all purchasers on your team. The list can be easily updated and alerts all users of changes. This feature also helps keep your purchasers in line with your company’s purchasing requirements and controls.

We just keep implementing more and more things and it’s just a win-win as we go.

– Eric Johnson,

Schwebels Baking