The RTA Fleet Management Software provides over 100 standard reports to help you operate your fleet. Each report has a set of “filters” that allows you to fine-tune the report to get just the data you are looking for. The RTA fleet management software provides reports for the following areas:

  • Equipment cost and fuel efficiency
  • Purchase Orders and vendor tracking
  • Parts Inventory and Inventory lists
  • Parts Tagging
  • Parts Usage tracking
  • Fuel Transactions
  • Pump and Tank reporting
  • Work Order detail reporting
  • Work Order billing reporting
  • Fuel Billing Reporting
  • Departmental cost reporting
  • Customer billing reports
  • Shop/Facility cost reporting
  • Mechanic/Technician reporting
  • Parts Inventory Listings
  • Low Use Reporting for Parts
  • Time Card reporting for technicians
  • Tire Inventory Reporting
  • Tire Transaction reports
  • Scrap Tire reports
  • Manufacturer Reports
  • Year/Make/Model/Class reporting
  • Warranty reports
  • Tool reporting
  • Motor Pool reporting

The RTA fleet management software also offers several options for “dumping” your data to a spreadsheet. This option gives you the flexibility of using your spreadsheet to do further data analysis or produce graphs and charts.

In addition to these capabilities, RTA fleet management software also offers a Report Writer as an add-on option for their native file systems. The IQ Report Writer allows you to create custom reports and extracts to meet your exacting needs.