RTA Releases Version 7.2.1

RTA, an industry leader of fleet management software, announces the release of RTA Version 7.2.1.

“RTA’s clients enjoy the frequency of the immediate impact releases allowing improved usage of the added benefits RTA provides.  Mechanics, supervisors, and management are able to maximize usage of the RTA system to its fullest extent,” states Josh Turley, CEO

Users now have the enhanced capability of working or reporting on temporary facilities at any given time, saving lookup time while receiving a clearer picture of activities at an offsite location.

Management has the ability to view all users logged into the RTA system.  This feature shows the item currently in progress along with the date/time logged into the system and the active time on that session.  The system automatically refreshes, keeping data current.

Work order enhancements include a larger screen to display notes.  Users have the ability to increase the pull-down screen to display a larger area for those items which require additional documentation.

Supervisors can now view enhanced information on mechanics’ productivity and be alerted to overtime or when jobs exceed a pre-set estimated time, increasing efficiency with budgeting and labor costs.

Helping clients streamline operational processes and reduce fleet management costs, RTA Version 7.2.1 adds additional attributes to the already feature-rich version of Ron Turley Associates’ fleet management software solutions package.

Ron Turley Associates values and welcomes client input into the products and services provided through contact at RTA’s annual users’ conference, RTA Connect, contact with staff, and various social media outlets.

Established in 1979, Ron Turley Associates continues to cultivate partnerships with fleet management operations worldwide.  RTA values client input and interaction and strives to ensure each client is a valued member and extension of the RTA family.


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