Increase your efficiency and accountability with telematics
When your drivers and vehicles head out on routes, you might have several worries. Are drivers participating in distracted or aggressive driving? Has the asset been properly maintained? Is it on the right route?

We understand these fears. And we have a solution.

Telematics can help you ease all of these worries through the following benefits.

  • Get Alerts When Maintenance Is Required

    Our telematics solution will alert you to an engine fault code, which gives your shop the opportunity to inspect an issue before it becomes a major problem on the road. This helps your shop become more proactive instead of reactive and allows you to decrease vehicle downtime.

    Monitor Driver Behaviors

    Unsafe drivers can put themselves and others on the roads in danger. If their distracted or aggressive driving causes an accident, it can also cause your insurance premiums to increase.

    You can avoid these situations and monitor your drivers’ behaviors with in-cab cameras. These artificially intelligent cameras can drastically improve your fleet’s safety. These can analyze your drivers’ movements on the roads and tag both their good and bad driving behaviors. These are then combined into a driver safety scorecard.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs

    Telematics solutions can ensure your drivers are taking the most efficient routes – ensuring they are saving time and fuel. Our solution can show you how vehicles are getting to their destinations – both in real-time and historically.

    Improve Accountability

    Do you have to check up on your drivers to make sure they went to the correct site, or determine how long they were there? Telematics makes it easier to hold your drivers accountable, as it can show you where the vehicles traveled. With equipment monitoring, you can even tell which equipment (like plows or lifts) has been used.

To learn more about how our telematics solution can benefit your fleet operation, see a live demo.