Without a doubt, preventative maintenance is the key to keeping any fleet in shape, and every fleet manager has their own method of deciding when the time is right.

The problem is, fleet vehicles age at different rates due to varying workloads and stress, making up-to-date meter readings a necessity.

Meter Updates keep it simple with:

  • Automatic updates through interface with fuel and GPS systems.
  • Quick & Easy Manual Updates that can be entered remotely, in the absence of an automated system.
  • Multiple meter tracking, which lets users compare and analyze up to 5 separate meters on the same vehicle or piece of equipment, including mileage, fuel usage, mpg’s, calendar, etc.
  • Automatic preventative maintenance reminders that help busy fleet managers stay on top when things get hectic.
  • RTA Meter Updates are just one more example of the many ways RTA Software streamlines all facets of fleet management, saving clients time, money and worry.