RTA has made keeping track of fleet vehicles a breeze for thousands of clients, but what about the countless pieces of equipment those vehicles carry?

Whether dealing with items as mundane as fire extinguishers and radios, or as delicate and expensive as on-board computers and medical equipment, it is imperative to any company that all equipment operates at peak functionality and efficiency.

With RTA Mounted Equipment Tracking software, literally everything you need to know about your fleet’s equipment, from acquisition to discharge, is just a click away.

Equipment Tracking provides instant access to:

  • ‘Birth Certificate’ Info – Supplier, date of manufacture, serial number, model number, date of purchase, purchasing agent, cost, etc.
  • Repair history – Description, cost, frequency, in-house or external, scheduled preventative maintenance, etc.
  • Warranty Data – Effective dates, contact info, terms, etc.
  • Total Cost – Quick analysis of all costs associated with purchase, maintenance and operation
  • Location – Vehicle assignment, transfers
  • Discharge – Method, cost/return, lifespan, etc.

Knowing your equipment inside and out means knowing what will work best for your company, from preferred brands to top repair methods, shrewd placement to optimal utilizations.

RTA Mounted Equipment Tracking saves time and money, but most important, it helps clients make sure their team members are outfitted with the best possible tools to do the best possible job.