RTA understands that no two clients are alike and neither are their data sets, which is why RTA software forms come with user-definable fields.

User-definable fields allow clients to customize forms regarding vehicles, vendors, purchase orders, equipment, etc. For instance, typical vehicle forms allow for make, model, and serial number, but user-definable fields let clients also chart items like:

  • number of seats/doors
  • special equipment (hydraulic lift, towing package, etc.)
  • modifications
  • special use
  • ETC . . .

Fields can be expanded to hold any amount of data, and clients are free to define and open as many new fields as needed.

Since forms aren’t truly customized unless the client is in control of how they are framed, viewed and accessed, RTA keeps you in the driver’s seat with options like password protection, color coding, field order/size, font size/style, and more.