RTA Fleet Management Software for Schools and University Fleets

Fleet maintenance in the world of pupil transportation brings with it special concerns about safety and reliability. School districts large and small, as well as universities of all sizes from coast-to-coast, are using RTA Fleet Management Software to effectively and safely manage their fleets.

If you operate a school bus, shuttle, car or van pool fleet, RTA fits your fleet operation. We recognize that when it comes to safety, you can’t cut any corners. RTA Fleet Management Software can help you provide the safe, reliable, and trouble-free service your customers expect.

In addition, RTA is great at tracking maintenance budgets and operating costs. With hundreds of schools, districts, universities and shuttle fleets, you will be in with some of the best fleets in the world when you use RTA’s solution.

To learn more about how RTA Fleet Management Software can assist with your school and bus fleets, contact us today.

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