In todays’ world, security plays a much bigger role and is a must for any system used in businesses. The RTA fleet maintenance system includes several levels of security to insure that your data is both safe and secure. With a front end user login as the first layer of security, the RTA fleet maintenance system also provides you the option of locking features from users who don’t need access. Additionally there are extra levels of security required even when access has been granted to make sure that a terminal that is left un-attended can’t be used for innappropriate purposes.

RTA fleet maintenance system also offers region and facility based security where you can control a user’s ability to view or change data from another location. Additionally RTA fleet maintenance system allows for password encryption, password expiration and complex password requirements for your users with the flip of a software switch.

RTA fleet maintenance system understands the importance and privacy of your data and can work with your operating system security features as well.