The RTA fleet management software can handle many methods of generating work orders for the shop. They can be auto-created from the PM reports for PMs due, they can be auto-generated from the Paperless Inspections module, and also the Service Bulletin feature. Service Bulletins allow you to create a master template work order, then apply it to any number of vehicles or equipment in your fleet.

The module within the RTA fleet management software was designed to handle recall bulletins and campaigns. For example – if you want to winterize your road maintenance fleet in September, the SB module will allow you to quickly create work orders for the work to be done on all your road maintenance equipment. You can even monitor the progress of the campaign to see which units have been completed and which ones haven’t.

Recall notifications are always a big headache for a fleet to track. The SB module allows you to tag the assets needing the recall service done, and then monitor the progress of the completion of the recall notification. With just the effort to create one Template Work Order – you can create hundreds of SB work orders in the fleet management software and monitor the progress.

A great time saver, a great organizational tool, the SB module will make managing your fleet much easier.