In any shop, the amount of time it takes to do a job is as important as the work itself. Time equals money, but even the best of crews can get off track from time to time, which translates into wasted management hours spent playing ‘hall monitor’.

RTA’s Shop Accountability Report Software will improve shop performance and save money by:

  • Acting as both a guideline AND a motivator – team members account for their entire workday by entering the number of hours spent on value-add activities, shop maintenance, training, breaks, etc., which in turn engenders conscientiousness, integrity and the desire to set goals.
  • Freeing up valuable management hours – management will be able to see how each team member utilized the day in an easy-to-read format, reducing the need to remind, reprimand, or ‘shadow’ employees.

With RTA Software, you can be sure your employees are performing at their peak by offering them the tools for optimum time management and the pride that comes with accountability.