If management is the ‘brains’ of a fleet operation, the repair shop is the ‘heart.’ The repair shop has its own set of special needs, which is why RTA is proud to introduce its new Shop Scheduler add-on module.

RTA’s Shop Scheduler promotes smooth inflow and outflow by eliminating unnecessary time ‘clogs’ and allows shop personnel to keep their fingers on the pulse of daily operations through streamlining communications with drivers and customers.

RTA Shop Scheduler Is:

  • Fully integrated with RTA Fleet Management Software
  • Easy to install and set up
  • A cost-effective way to boost shop capabilities and performance

RTA Shop Scheduler Can:

  • Automatically set available time slots based on hours of operation and technician availability
  • Allow shop personnel to set appointments AND/OR let drivers/customers submit repair requests for specific times through a ‘Scheduler Kiosk’ screen (this feature is optional and repair requests are subject to management approval)
  • Provide automatic driver/customer repair status via email

RTA Shop Scheduler Will:

  • Improve inter-shop communication, time management, and efficiency
  • Increase driver/customer satisfaction with better communication through interactive tools and status updates
  • Pay for itself by eliminating wasted man-hours brought on by scheduling mistakes, oversights, and failed communication attempts

Contact RTA today to learn more about how the RTA Shop Scheduler can turn your shop into the well-oiled machine it should be.