Tires are generally the third-greatest expense in a fleet operation behind fuel and payroll. Because of this, RTA knows implementing a thorough tire management process can result in better cost-per-mile output and can save your fleet thousands of dollars each year.

RTA’s solution provides one of the few, full-featured Tire Tracking modules in the industry.

Tire Tracking

Track each tire individually throughout its lifespan with RTA’s Tire Tracking solution.

As tires are tracked in the RTA system, mount and dismount transactions are stored for each tire, along with recapping history, and eventually scrap history. Each of these transactions posts to a master manufacturer file that tracks how tires from a specific manufacturer are performing in your fleet.

RTA’s Tire Tracking features include: Tire Size Tracking, PSI Tracking, Tires in Inventory List, Tire History, Tire Tread Depth Tracking, Tires in Inventory, and more.

By being more efficient, even when your inventory grows in dollar value, size, number of parts, you can use the RTA software with the same number of physical people to manage it.

Chris Christian, Lehigh University

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