Tires are generally the third-greatest expense in a fleet operation behind fuel and payroll. Implementing a thorough tire management process can save a fleet thousands of dollars each year.

Efficient tires provide a better cost-per-mile output with the potential to save fleet managers thousands of dollars in expenses across the entire fleet. Don’t allow tires to have a big impact on overall costs for your business.

Individually track numerous tire statistics throughout the tire’s life span. An effective tire tracking system records the performance of each tire and cost per mile.

Monitoring the status of all aspects of your fleet is the first step to managing a cost-effective and well-run operation. Each transaction records the manufacturer’s performance to conduct brand and model comparisons, allowing utilization of the best tire for the job.

Don’t underestimate the power of tires. Tires play a big role in your fleet’s operation. The RTA fleet tracking system provides one of the few, full-featured Tire Tracking modules in the industry.