RTA provides recordings of some of our popular online training webinars.
Perhaps you had a meeting on the day of the webinar or you have employees on multiple shifts that couldn’t attend. Perhaps you’d like to review the information again at a later date. Now is your chance to access a recorded copy of the webinar you attended earlier, or weren’t able to attend, and share it with other employees within your company or organization.
These videos are not produced studio recordings, they are recordings of training webinars that were conducted live on a prior date. You will hear questions asked by attendees of the live webinar and benefit from their input and the instructor’s response.

Videos are provided in the common Windows Media Video (WMV) format. Once you purchase a license for a video, you will receive an email with a download link to access the video. Save the video on your hard drive and watch it whenever you want! The average size of the file is 90MB, and varies depending on the length of the webinar content.
Orders for videos are processed as downloadable content by default. Should you prefer to receive the video on a CD rather than downloading it, please add a $20 shipping and handling fee.

Classes that are part of a series are grouped together by color.

Below is a list of videos that are currently available and their prices. Contact any RTA staff member at 800-279-0549 to order the video of your choice. Prices shown below are for downloadable files for customers with an active support agreement with RTA. Please call for off-support pricing.

BT101 – System Setup – $100

This is class 1 of 6 in our BT series. We cover the initial setup and configuration of the system. Topics include Facilities, Departments, Customers, Employees, Vendors, Vehicle Classification, and VMRS codes.
This presentation is 3 hours.

Electronic Fuel Interface Overview – $50

This presentation covers importing data from an electronic fueling system into the RTA software through a custom interface. We’ll cover loading, to integrity review, to processing the data…your daily routine. See what an EFI interface can do for you and what the system requirements are for a compatible fuel system.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

BT102 – Vehicles – $100

This is class 2 of 6 in our BT series. We cover the initial setup and usage of the Vehicle tracking module. Topics include adding vehicles and equipment records, preventive maintenance scheduling, and vehicle warranties.
This presentation is 3 hours.

End of Period Procedures & Reports Training – $100

When do I run EOP? What happens to my data when I run EOP? Why do similar reports show different cost totals? These questions and more are answered in this class. You will get a step-by-step list of what to do prior to processing EOP, which reports to print, and detailed closing procedures.
This presentation is approximately 2 hours.

BT103 – Fueling – $100

This is class 3 of 6 in our BT series. We cover the initial setup and day-to-day usage of the fuel tracking module. Topics include setting up the fuel depot, recording vehicle fuel usage, and fuel variance reporting.
This presentation is 2 hours.

Export/Import Utilities – $50

The three export/import utilities are covered. These utilities allow you to export vehicle, parts, and VMRS code information from RTA for editing in a spreadsheet program. This allows for easy mass-changes to be made to the data in these areas. New 6.5 version features are covered.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

BT104 – Parts & Purchase Orders – $100

This is class 4 of 6 in our BT series. We cover the initial setup and day-to-day usage of the parts inventory tracking and purchase order modules. Topics include adding inventory and non-stock parts, barcode crossreferencing, case lots, part warranty, requisitions, creating purchase orders, receiving parts from vendors, and the most common reports in the parts section.
This presentation is 4 hours.

Freight Tracking – $50

This presentation covers features in the purchase order and parts modules to handle freight charges.  You can treat freight as a line item on a purchase order, or you can choose to distribute the freight charge between the individual parts.
This presentation is 40 minutes.

BT105 – Work Orders – $100

This is class 5 of 6 in our BT series. We cover the day-to-day usage of the work order module. Topics include creating work orders, itemizing repairs to be done, charging parts and labor hours to the repairs, recording repairs performed outside your shop, closing completed work orders, and the most common reports in the work order area.
This presentation is 4 hours.

Image Viewer – $50

This presentation demonstrates the Image Viewer add-on module and new enhancements for version 6.5 (released early in 6.4L). We’ll show you the addition of Windows LFN support and File Associations.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

BT106 – Basic Reporting – $100

This is class 6 of 6 in our BT series. We will be covering the most commonly used reports in each of the major modules in the system; PMs, Fuel, Parts, Purchases, and Work Orders. Familiarize yourself with these reports and gain immediate results from the data you work so hard to capture. This presentation will last approximately 3 hours. List of reports covered: Report Print/View Features, Vehicle Master Info Lists, Vehicle Aging Report,Vehicle Replacement Budgeting, PM Inspection Reports, Parts Inventory Lists, Low-use Parts List, Open PO Lines Report, PO Transactions Report, PO Receipts By Invoice/Vendor, PO Receipts By Account Number, Parts Usage Report, Parts Adjustment Report, Parts Activity Report, Work Order Scheduling Report, Open Work Order Lines Report, Accountant Report By Date, History Report By Vehicle, Repair History Interval Report, WO Transactions By Vehicle, Vehicle Operating Cost Report, Total Vehicle Cost Report, Cost Per Mile Reports, Vehicle Cost Audit Report, Fuel Transaction Lists, and Fuel Billing Reports.
This presentation is 4 hours.

Key Performance Indicators – $50

KPI – Key Performance Indicator Report.  This Management report provides a high-level look at your fleet and fleet data.  Each area of the fleet has it’s own section and we are looking for input for more details to track on this report.  The report contains a section for Vehicles, Parts Inventory, Work Orders and much more.
This presentation is 1 hour.

AT201 – Advanced Vehicles – $100

This is class 1 of 3 in our AT series. We will be covering the vehicle master and preventive maintenance sections of RTA. Topics include odometers, user defined fields, global defined fields, make & model codes, depreciation and capitalization, replacement schedules, utilities, popup notes, export/import vehicle records, advanced PM features, OEM warranty notifications, and Quick-posting PMs. PREREQUISITE NOTICE: This is an advanced course. It is assumed that the student has already attended the BT102 online course, has attended the 3-day RTA basic training course, or has at least 1 year of experience in the day-to-day operation of the RTA fleet management software.
This presentation is 2 hours.

Mechanic Productivity Tracking – $75

This class will take you through configuring RTA for tracking mechanic productivity. Where to configure the estimated time for jobs? How does that time differ between a lawn mower and a dump truck? How does the vehicle size classification factor in? What if the mechanic runs into difficulty that will lengthen the time it takes to do the job correctly? What reports display productivity information and what are they telling you? How do I use these reports to compare a mechanic to his peers? All of these topics are covered in depth.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

AT 202 – Advanced Parts – $100

This is class 2 of 3 in our AT series. We will be covering the parts inventory and purchase order sections of RTA. Topics include advanced fields and concepts in part master screen, utilities, part warranty setup, warranty claims module, part warranty reports, part core tracking, part requisitions and reorder process, auto-creating purchase orders, mechanic requests, freight charges, taking physical inventory, export/import part records, and a barcoding overview. PREREQUISITE NOTICE: This is an advanced course. It is assumed that the student has already attended the BT104 online course, has attended the 3-day RTA basic training course, or has at least 1 year of experience in the day-to-day operation of the RTA fleet management software.
This presentation is 4 hours.

Non-stock Parts Tracking – $50

Do you often order non-stock parts that will be used to repair a specific vehicle? If so, this class is for you! RTA contains features to help streamline this process. There are multiple methods for mechanics to notify the parts staff that a part is needed. A part can be ‘reserved’ for a specific vehicle when ordering it on a purchase order. Utilizing these features as designed will reduce your data entry by almost 50%!
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

AT203 – Advanced Work Orders – $100

This is class 3 of 3 in our AT series. We will be covering advanced topics in the work order section of RTA. Topics include markups and billing methods, advanced work order tracking codes & default settings, auto-post parts purchased for specific jobs, time saving shortcuts, parts cataloging, advanced posting, brake inspections, pre-building work orders, driver reporting add-on module overview, service bulletins, deferred jobs, estimates, and mechanic productivity reporting. PREREQUISITE NOTICE: This is an advanced course. It is assumed that the student has already attended the BT105 online course, has attended the 3-day RTA basic training course, or has at least 1 year of experience in the day-to-day operation of the RTA fleet management software.
This presentation is 4.5 hours.

Paperless Inspections Overview – $50

In this session we discuss the RTA Mechanic Paperless Inspections module. This is an interactive inspection with time tracking and work order update capabilities. Create your own customized electronic inspection records and create work orders based on inspection results. See how your company can benefit from using this great feature.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

Odometers, Protect & Correct – $50

This class discusses various reports and methods for insuring odometer reading accuracy in the RTA system. We cover configuration settings within the software that will help prevent inaccurate odometer updates. We show you which reports to run that will alert you to potential inaccuracies in vehicle odometer readings. Then we show you how to properly make corrections for any odometer issues. We discuss the various input screens that facilitate odometer updates as well as handheld and electronic fuel system imports. We define the difference between a vehicle’s primary odometer and fuel odometer. We define a vehicle’s lifetime meter. We also show you how an additional 4 meters can be tracked for each vehicle!
This presentation is approximately 90 minutes.

Quick Repair & Quick-Post PM Entries – $50

These features allow you to record multiple similar repairs or preventive maintenance completions with minimal data entry required. A work order is created, parts and labor are posted, all without you filling out a work order! In this session you’ll learn all about this important time-saving feature.
This presentation is 45 minutes.

Paperless Shop/Manager Training – $75

This class focuses on the Manager’s Paperless Shop functions. We discuss creating and scheduling jobs to mechanics, prioritizing mechanic workload, auto-creating PM work orders, monitoring shop activity, and reporting features.
This presentation is approximately 90 minutes.

Paperless Shop/Mechanic Training – $75 

 This class focuses on the Mechanic’s Paperless Shop screen. We discuss the day-to-day integration of the paperless shop module into a mechanic’s workflow. Learn how to clock on/off of scheduled jobs, track indirect labor, create your own work orders, easily add additional jobs to your existing work order, select jobs from the unscheduled pool, and review vehicle PM and repair history information.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

Advanced PMs – $100

This class covers advanced functionality in the preventive maintenance tracking module. Topics include: integrating template work orders, automated PM work order creation, partkits, PM Sleep Mode, PM notification cards and reports, drill-down functionality, linking vehicles together, lock PM feature, and integration with the optional Paperless Inspection module.
This presentation is 1.5 hours.

System Maintenance – $75

This session discusses system maintenance for your RTA software. This is a great class for your IT personnel and anyone responsible for updating and maintaining your RTA software. Topics include data backups, purging old data, data and index file maintenance procedures, installing upgrades and updates.
This presentation approximately 2 hours.

Advanced Work Orders – $150

Topics include Work Order Configuration Switches, Reason, Cause, and Work Accomplished Codes, Default Prompts, Repair Type Codes, Auto-Posting Parts, Quick Part & Labor Posting, Combining Posting Methods, Recording Accident Damages, Template Work Orders , Service Bulletins and Deferred Work Order Jobs, and Work Order Estimates.
This presentation is 3 hours.

Time Savers and Shortcuts – $75

We have combined time-saving tips and shortcut techniques throughout the software in this new class designed to cut your data-entry workload to a minimum. Learn how to create numerous work orders at once, post parts and labor in up to half the keystrokes you may be doing, and apply short inspections or yard & tire checks to many vehicles at once. Faster parts reordering, posting and physical inventory methods are covered, along with global features like the quick-launch buttons and setting the help-list defaults.
This presentation is 75 minutes.

Audit & Clean RTA Data – $100

One of the phrases we hear frequently is “I wish we had set it up differently”. And then we respond – “Yes you CAN”. RTA has created several utilities to help you make sweeping changes to your RTA data. Need to change how your departments are numbered, or implement part account codes, or other user oddities? This is the class for you! We’ll also cover quick EOP checks to find (and fix) major entry errors before they get onto your month-end reports. You’ll be amazed at the tools that you already have in the software to help you adjust and standardize your data.
This presentation is 3.5 hours.

Automated Parts Ordering – $75

This class covers the daily work flow for parts ordering and receiving in the RTA system. Wel explain how the system checks for low stock, requisition creation and review, automatic and manual ordering methods, multiple methods for receiving stock into inventory, non-inventory purchases, and parts received for specific repairs.
The various ordering methods available in the system configuration is also explained.
This presentation is approximately 2 hours.

Tricoder Usage – $100

This class covers all 8 program options that can be loaded into a Worth Data handheld tricoder unit. RTA program configuration, handheld data collection, data upload, and error reporting will be discussed. Fuel and fluids tracking, odometer updating, parts inventory, reassign bin locations, receive parts into inventory, vehicle washes, and more.
This presentation is approximately 2 hours.

Dashboard Utility – $50

The dashboard utility has received numerous user-requested enhancements in the 6.5 version. This presentation will teach you about the new features.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

User Security & Personalized Settings – $75

The system has multiple levels of security to protect your data and determine which users will have access to various features and responsibilities within the software. Security can be configured per user/facility/region. We cover creating user accounts, individual rights assignments, facility and regional access restrictions, quick-launch menu, and other settings that are unique to each individual user.
This presentation is approximately 90 minutes.

Deferred Jobs Management – $50

This presentation covers the new Deferred Jobs Management Module that is included in the new version 6.5 update. Manage existing deferred jobs easier. Create new deferred jobs without using a work order. Be ready to implement this feature as soon as your 6.5 upgrade is installed.
This presentation is approximately 30 minutes.

Vehicle Replacement Scheduling – $75

This class covers setup and implementation of the vehicle replacement scheduling features in the RTA software. Vehicle class configuration, vehicle master configuration, popup reminder notes, vehicle replacement reports, cost per mile reports, and repair history reports will be discussed.
This presentation is approximately 1 hour.

Effective Weekly Routines – $50

In this presentation, we will step through an effective and time-saving weekly routine to help you establish scheduled workflow that is all inter-related. We’ll explain why one step should be done prior to another and how these steps can make the entire process more organized, accurate, and up-to-date. For small and medium fleets, these weekly procedures provide a “best practices” routine in the RTA software, whereas the larger fleets would utilize these same routines on a daily basis.

This presentation is 40 minutes.

Warranty Claims Tracking – $75

The Warranty Claims program closes the gaps between warranty notification, submittal and reimbursement. Save your company thousands of dollars by implementing this and other warranty features in the software. Claims are automatically created by the system, so no additional setup is needed. The claims module allows you to submit pending claims to vendors, track aging, receive claims, auto-post credits back to a WO, and includes numerous reports.
This presentation is 90 minutes.

Warranty Tracking – $150

Want to save thousands of dollars per year? Find out how easily it can be accomplished. Learn how to set up warranty tracking, identify repairs and part failures for warranty recovery, and how to post warranty credits back to your fleet. All warranty tracking methods are covered, including vehicle OEM warranty (bumper-to-bumper and extended coverage), sublet jobs, and of course, part warranty tracking. New multi-part installation tracking introduced in the 6.4 update is also covered.
This presentation is approximately 2 hours.

Watchdog Overview – $50

This session will prepare you to use the watchdog add-on option.  The watchdog module is tasked with evaluating your data and providing useful pointers while monitoring your data.
This presentation is 40 minutes.