RTA Fleet Management Software for Utility Fleets 

Managing a utility fleet is a demanding job. Get the reliability and control you need with RTA Fleet Management Software.

Whether you have a fleet of repair trucks (plumbers, electricians, lawn crew, etc.) or you represent a major electrical utility with hundreds of cherry pickers and tool trucks, the diversity of your fleet and your equipment is a special need in the industry. With mounted equipment and mounted devices (compressors, generators, tool boxes, bins, etc) all needing repair and up-time, managing a utility fleet can be a daunting task. RTA’s solution can help you maintain both types of assets simultaneously.

RTA can track preventative maintenance on the main equipment (body/chassis), as well as the generator, cherry picker or other devices on the back of your trucks. RTA can also track mounted devices so they are properly maintained each time the equipment comes into the shop.

To learn more about how RTA Fleet Management Software can help with your utility fleet operation, contact us today.

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