RTA Fleet Management Software knows how important it is to keep your fleet running and on the road. To keep your vehicles performing properly, RTA has created a Vehicle and Equipment Management solution to help your operation avoid downtime and better manage costs.

RTA’s solution can help you improve your Fuel Management, Preventative Maintenance, Vehicle Status Monitoring, Replacement and Procurement management, and more.

Fuel Management

Get control of your fuel costs through RTA’s Fuel Tracking system. This feature allows you to enter fuel transactions manually, or via an electronic fuel interface to your Automated Pump and Tank monitoring system. RTA’s software can read the transactions produced from most fuel vendors and have those transactions automatically entered into the platform. RTA can provide a customized interface to Gasboy, Petrovend, Fuelmaster, Phoenix, Voyager, Comdata, Trak, Tech 21, and Wright Express, among others. If your fuel system isn’t listed, just ask us. RTA can integrate with most systems.

In addition, utilize RTA’s Fuel Tracking system to help with your fuel tax reporting. RTA’s solution can provide the necessary information you need to fill out IFTA reports.

Vehicle Equipment Linking

Service both your vehicle and its equipment at the same time through RTA’s Equipment/Vehicle Linking feature. When a vehicle or piece of equipment it’s linked to is going in for maintenance, RTA’s solution will allow you to access service records to see if its “partner” needs to be evaluated or tuned-up as well. This tandem maintenance means less downtime for your vehicles.

Repair History Reporting

Track your vehicles’ repair history through RTA’s Repair History Reporting feature. The solution stores an asset’s data for life and provides maintenance records to protect your fleet in case of an accident involving one of your vehicles.

Replacement and Procurement

Get informed on when you should replace your equipment through RTA’s Replacement and Procurement solution. It also allows you to factor in inflation costs for when the equipment will need to be replaced.

Preventative Maintenance

Enhance your Preventative Maintenance plan with RTA’s Preventative Maintenance Tracking system. It allows you to schedule equipment, track state inspections, campaigns and licensing information, and warranty expiration dates. RTA’s solution allows you to track data, miles/kilometers, fuel, hours and up to four other measurements of your choosing. It also allows you to automatically create Work Orders and pull reports.

Vehicle Status Monitoring

Keep your vehicles on the road with RTA’s full-featured downtime tracking system. This allows you to track vehicle status in real-time, allow remote users or outside departments to check equipment and vehicle statuses without a call into the shop, and create a comprehensive downtime report that indicates how the fleet performs against requirements and standards.

Motor Pool Tracking

Make your Motor Pool billing and reservation capabilities easy with RTA’s Motor Pool module. With a flexible reservation and rate system, RTA’s Motor Pool solution can provide you with the needed information to easily generate billing for equipment usage. It allows recurring reservations and a flexible rate structure that meets your billing needs in even the most complex situations. The module can accommodate multi-tiered and multi-rate systems, as well as recurring billing. You can also quickly access reservations and reservation history.

The preventive maintenance aspect of the RTA fleet software is so flexible that we are able to send PM schedules out for a myriad of different areas of the vehicle, tracking each individually, and giving the shop supervisors flexibility and forecasting what’s coming due so that the vehicle is in the shop once instead of multiple times.

Ron Gambini, The Trans Group 

It has returned my investment tenfold just in preventive maintenance. And yet it does so much more.

Mont Roosendaal, City of South Salt Lake, Utah

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