They say that “first impressions often make or break the relationship” and dirty vehicles are no exception to that rule. If it’s important for you to keep track of all fleet maintenance including vehicle washes and how effectively you get them done – then RTA has a solution that will “help you clean house” – so-to-speak.

The RTA fleet maintenance Vehicle Wash option will keep track of washes on your vehicle and allocate the expenses so that you can keep an accurate accounting of the cost to project a good image. The fleet maintenance software can’t actually wash your vehicles (unfortunately) – but it will help you keep track of those washes and insure that they are getting done. Additionally you can do custom reporting that will let you know which vehicles have not been washed recently and perhaps which ones are receiving too many washes.

Most fleet maintenance systems wouldn’t even track a vehicle wash, but we know that a clean piece of equipment sends a message like no other – so we allow you the flexibility to make it part of your fleet maintenance system.