Want to find a Return on Investment for the RTA system? Warranty recovery is one of the quickest ways to improve your operational bottom-line. Get those dollars back from the garbage bins!

As any good fleet manager knows, keeping track of part warranties is an absolute necessity. Uncredited warranties can cost a fleet hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, so having the right kind of tracking tool is imperative.

Don’t fall for a mediocre warranty tracking system – implement RTA’s robust, full-cycle warranty system. Track the details and see the big picture. Close the gap between warranty awareness and fulfillment.

Realize in real time warranties for OEM (e.g., bumper-to-bumper), Extended (e.g., power-train) as well as aftermarket parts.

System notification advises staff immediately if an item is warrantable or not. Collect data on each warranty item to track claims, evaluate performance, and provide accurate reporting.

RTA’s full-feature warranty tracking system initiates a PM prior to the warranty’s expiration.