As a fleet manager, your job is to keep your vehicles on the road and in service.

Unfortunately, even the smallest fleets can quickly run into complications when trucks start requiring maintenance and you have to plan around the downtime.

This is where fleet management software from RTA can be a real lifesaver. RTA’s Preventative Maintenance (PM) tracking will help keep your fleet up and running, alerting you to potential issues before they become massive problems.

Read on to see how PM tracking from RTA will save you time, energy, and money.

Customization ̶ Software Designed to Fit Your Fleet

Every fleet is different, and every business has slightly different needs.

A particular software configuration that works well for one organization might be totally unsuitable for another organization, even in the same industry. Maybe your fleet has subtle nuances that you’d like your software to keep track of. Or perhaps you work with specialized equipment that has its own maintenance schedules which aren’t usually found in basic fleet management software.

This is exactly what our preventative maintenance tracking helps with. RTA’s software allows users to precisely log each piece of equipment and set custom maintenance schedules, so you can rest easy knowing that your whole fleet is accounted for in your fleet management software.

As long as you’re going digital, you might as well go all the way and include all of your equipment in the system; save yourself time and sanity!

Prioritization ̶ Keep Track of Whats Important Right Now

If you’re trying to stay on top of your fleet maintenance without using software tools, you’re unnecessarily putting yourself through a world of suffering.

Equipment requires regular maintenance, so RTA’s software can keep track of those schedules with far greater ease and efficiency than doing it the old-fashioned way. Since the software already knows the ins and outs of your fleet, it’s only natural that it should also intelligently plan the maintenance schedules to maximize uptime.

By knowing exactly what equipment requires maintenance at exactly what time, you’ll have fewer interruptions, increased equipment longevity, and greater overall safety.

Industry Standardization ̶ Compliant with American Trucking Association Protocol

The Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System, developed by the American Trucking Association in 1970, was the first universal standardized procedure for logging and reporting equipment errors.

Prior to this, individual companies had to independently develop in-house solutions for all of their maintenance scheduling. Naturally, this caused quite a mess when it came to interdepartmental communications.

With industry standards finally established, it became possible to create sophisticated software tools to regulate fleet maintenance according to those standards as well as custom requirements.

Supercharge Your Fleet With Preventative Maintenance Tracking From RTA

You’ve seen how custom setup can be finely tuned for the unique needs of your business. We’ve shown how our software can save you time by keeping track of all your maintenance schedules for you. Industry standards mean that the software is designed to be as clear as possible across your whole organization, avoiding the esoteric quagmire of in-house solutions.

RTA preventative maintenance tracking will give you unparalleled control and understanding of your fleet. Try a free demo and see for yourself!



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