The hub of the RTA fleet tracking system is the Work Order module. This module ties the different workflows together for a complete management package. Parts Inventory, Purchase Orders, Vehicle/Equipment Inventory, Tire and Fuel all feed in and through the RTA fleet tracking system WorkOrder module.

Work Orders can be created easily and with a minimal amount of keystrokes, offering a quick and easy method to get the repair history entered for a piece of equipment. As Work Orders are entered, the equipment costs are being updated, the facility costs are being updated, the inventory levels are being adjusted and transactions are loading up into the audit system. The Work Order module provides full equipment costing.

Here are a few of the features found in the Work Order module of the RTA fleet tracking system:

  • Up to 99 repair lines per Work Order
  • Unlimited transactions per Work Order (parts, tires, misc., warranty, labor)
  • Reason for repair tracking
  • Work Accomplished code tracking
  • WO cause code tracking
  • Vendor tracking (for outside work)
  • PO Tracking
  • Technician productivity measurements
  • Shop Code categories
  • Unlimited notes per line
  • Work Order priorities supported
  • Customer billing tracking
  • Check List support
  • Images can be attached to any Work Order
  • Vehicle Status update from Work Orders
  • Outside parts and Labor support

The RTA fleet tracking system not only manages the Work Orders, but does it intuitively as well. The Work Order flow will be very familiar to your shop it was patterned after thousands of shops around the world. Features such as Templates for repetitive tasks, linkage to Purchase Orders [Purchase Orders], Outside work tracking and of course Warranty tracking [Warranty Tracking] are standard features of the system.

Not only does the RTA fleet tracking system manage all the repair costs attributed to your equipment through the work order system, but RTA also tracks the Technician productivity within the shop as well. Each job can have a standard time assigned to it and this can then be used to measure both productivity and training needs within the shop. Flat Rate billing is an added plus for shops that need this feature.

Of course, the Work Order system works seamlessly with the other RTA features such as Parts Inventory [Parts Inventory], Mechanic productivity, Tire Inventory [Tire Tracking], and Equipment Cost reporting. And RTA isn’t your run-of-the-mill batch system. The data you enter is updated immediately giving you up-to-the-minute tracking of your Inventory, Equipment, Technician productivity, etc.

For the progressive shop, RTA also offers a Paperless Shop [Paperless Shop] option to eliminate the need for paper-work orders on the shop floor. Technicians can clock in and off their jobs right at a computer terminal and you get 100% time accountability in the shop without any additional burden on yourself or your staff.

Additionally there are several Work Order reports and extracts that allow you to retrieve the data you need for timely fleet decisions.

If you are billing for your repairs and maintenance, the RTA fleet tracking system also supports a customer billing feature that allows you to submit bills to your clients (departments) so that you can keep your budget on track.